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Portrait series of women all wearing the same shade of red lipstick. To read more about the project please visit here.


Shoot for Mociun.


I began documenting the way people covered up their plants to keep them from freezing in 2007 after being amused by all the textile supernaturals that were floating around yards when the weather got cold. I immediately started thinking of them as these funny little ghosts that were acting out strange scenerios in suburban neighboorhoods. The more ghosts that I found the more I was amazed how these funny little stories would come together. Like a loney white sheet that looks like the dead ghost of a long-eared bunny all alone slumped over by the side of the house…something reminiscent of childhood. Or a seemingly fresh dug grave that one floats over with his transparent flesh that highlights this contrast between these mundane environments and the past that haunts us. Some also appear to be well taken care of like our beloved pets with water bowls left out for them by their owners. Each photograph builds on the last. I have somewhere around 75 photographs.This is an ongoing project when the weather gets cold.